7 Tips to Help You and Your Child Get Through Potty Training

By: Franesca | potty training
Pottytraining can be a challenging task that can take weeks or even months. Sometimes, kids just don’t want to say goodbye to their diapers just yet, so they resist learning how to go to the bathroom on their own. Constipation and dirty underwear under the bed are clear indications that the child is resisting the potty training process.

So how exactly do you make potty training easier for both you and you kid? There’s isn’t a fool-proof formula that can get all kids to go to the potty successfully. Since every kid is different, you can’t expect methods that are effective for other parents work for you as well.

However, the following pieces of advice have proven to work for a lot of parents, so be sure to give them a try if you find yourself facing the frustrations of potty training. Wait til your child is ready â€" As previously mentioned, no one child is the same. While most children become ready between 20 â€" 24 months, some kids don’t develop the necessary skills until they’re 3 or even 4 years old. To increase your chances of being successful in potty training, it’s best to wait until your child is ready. Try doing it for a few weeks, and if they’re completely resistant to it, don’t force them, and just try again after some time.

Give your child rewards â€" The types of incentives to offer your child will vary. Some kids prefer toys, while other would probably want sweets or whatever their favorite food is. If you kid isn’t swayed by material things, then perhaps offering experiences will work. Promise to take them to Disneyland or reward them with a trip grandma’s house if they start using the potty. Maybe you can extend their bedtime limit if they’re able to go the bathroom on their own.

Demonstrate it â€" You know what they say, actions speak louder than words. Instead of just telling your child what to do, it’s best to show it to them. This will enable them to learn much faster and potty training will be considerably easier. Be positive â€"Giving out words of encouragement will not only help your child go potty successfully, it will also help your child psychologically, and will make him or her feel better about his or herself. Even if they aren’t successful (yet), remain positive and keep encouraging them. Of course, do this in moderation; too much praise can make your child nervous.

Strip off the clothes â€" Allow your child to be naked around the house (or at least just wearing a t-shirt). Since your kid will have nowhere to put his or her poop, he or she may choose to do it in the potty.

Make your child feel at home â€" If the problem lies more on your kid not being able to go to the bathroom other than the one in your home, consider getting a travel toilet seat that you can bring along with you. You can even let your child decorate it so that they’ll have their own personal touch.

Include fiber in their diet â€" Is your child getting constipated? Be sure to include fibrous foods such as beans, fruits, whole-grain products, and more into your child’s diet. These will help move stuff along.

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