Lessons and joyous discoveries of motherhood

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Motherhood can be a great teacher. Some of the poignant and blissful discoveries of motherhood are discussed below. Enjoy and reminisce or look forward to a jolly motherhood.

  • Your love for all things will grow deeper and more spiritual. Your love towards your children will especially be a revelation. You will feel as if your heart is perennially expanding to accommodate the ever-growing love.
  • You will be amazed at what your body can withstand. Leaving aside the effort of childbirth, you will also be astounded about how you end up coping with sleepless nights, nursing the children, carrying them, and taking care of them 24 by 7.  You may feel physically weak and emotionally drained. You may feel defeated and would want to give up. But you will always find the strength to come out of it and later wonder about how you did it!
  • You will learn to accept your limitations. You will come to know and understand that you cannot do it all. You will realize your status as a human being, a life form with just two hands and two legs, and that you can only do so much. So if you come up short, you will not end up blaming yourself, but keep rejoicing in the glory of motherhood.
  • You will be surprised at your own patience. You may have been an impatient person before, but after motherhood, you will reign in those outbursts and get stupefied by your own behavior and limitless patience.
  • If you have twins or triplets, you will realize that it is really more difficult to care for more than one kid at a time. The process of feeding each one of them is even more difficult. Each one will have different tastes and aversions, as well as different moods and times for eating. You will also need to be more careful about the quality of food in the house, as rotting food is a strict no-no.
  • You will find yourself making excuses to be with your children and to talk to them. You will be delighted by their funny stories and laugh at their antics. You will find your kids to be the most adorable creatures in the world; the cutest, the cuddliest, and the sweetest!
  • It is going to get harder first and then eventually easier. The first year will be all about surviving, but you will manage it all. You will be overjoyed when they first start walking and talking. You will become a master at handling tantrums, fights over food, etc. If you have girls, then you can also expect fights over the right to play with the Barbie dolls or wearing princess dresses and tiaras, hair pulling, etc.
  • The support of your husband/partner will prove to be invaluable. Your online and offline friends will also be instrumental in getting you through the hard times, before the thriving phase of your kids begin.
  • Time will literally fly away and you will want it all to slow down so that you can hold onto and savor each of the beautiful moments of motherhood.


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