Starting a Business: How to Guide for Work-at-Home Moms

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It can be difficult to juggle everything: having kids, maintaining the home, and working. But you need to do it: for your wallet and your sanity. You stay at home with the kids but you want to start your own business. What should you do?

First, you need to figure out what you’re going to sell. Here are some ideas for businesses perfect for work-at-home moms.

1. Start a blog: Use all the knowledge you have accumulated as a work-at-home mom to help others. Create a blog through which you can dispense advice, recipes, and personal stories. Use your own voice to really make it pop.

2. Homemade gift baskets: You’ve been responsible for the gift getting in the family for years. You know how to do it, so it’s time to create your own. Make personalized gift baskets and start selling to friends and family.

3. Baked goods service: You bake for your kids and their classrooms all the time. Why not scale it up? People will absolutely pay for some freshly made baked goods. Another business idea: homemade jam.

4 Scrapbooking business: You made a scrapbook for you child. You know how it’s done, and you can use that expertise as a service for others. Stop giving tips away for free and create your own business.

5. Start a pet sitting and walking service: You take your own pets out for walks. Why not take out a few more while you’re at it? Start a business as a dog walker. You can expand to a sitter as well and have pets stay at your home while their parents are away.

6. Run a daycare: There are probably already a dozen kids in your house between yours and their friends. Consider starting a daycare.

7. Become a tutor: You’ve helped your kids with their homework so you’re all brushed up on your algebra. You can help other kids learn by offering private tutoring sessions, and it’s a great way to make a buck.

But how do you spread the word about your new business? Start by offering it to friends and family. Then the parents of your kids’ friends and classmates. Put up posters at schools and create online ads. Over time you will build your network. Ask for referrals.

You must be organized and diligent about your bookkeeping and other records. It should be easy enough after maintaining your kids’ schedules for years.

Image by A to the K on Flickr Creative Commons.

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