How to Get Your Kids to Stay Active

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The importance of physical activity

Active kids will see benefits in both physical and mental health. Physical activity helps kids to develop fine motor skills, coordination, and strong bones and muscles. Other positive physical effects of activity include weight control, better sleep, and decreased risk of health problems. Mentally, the endorphins gained from exercise will keep your kids feeling good. They will often be more alert and attentive in school. Exercise can also help with a child’s self-esteem.

So, there are many reasons why kids should exercise, but some kids just aren’t athletes. That’s okay. As a parent, it is your job to help your kids find alternative ways of staying active. You can lead an active, healthy lifestyle without being the star of the football team. Here’s how:

Provide options and opportunities

Kids need to have plenty of different options for physical activity. If your kid is not an athlete, don’t make him or her try out for the soccer team. Try swimming or martial arts, some other activity that will get your kids moving. They don’t have to be a part of a team or league; they just need to stay active. It can come in any shape or form, so get creative.

Make sure your kids have plenty of opportunities to be active by providing them with the equipment they will need and taking the time to get them to the park or the local rec center. MAke sure they are spending time in places where they can be active.

Focus on fun

Kids shouldn’t feel pressured when taking part in physical activity. It’s not about who wins the game. This is about your child’s health. Activities and games should be engaging and fun. The focus should be on enjoying the activity. Praise your child for doing something successfully. Encourage kids to keep trying. A positive experience with physical activity will make your kids want to keep doing it.

Be a good role model

You can’t expect your kids to lead an active and healthy lifestyle if you don’t do the same. Engage in regular physical activity. Make sure your kids can see you being active instead of vegging out on the couch. Play with your kids. Have a family activity night where you go for a walk or shoot hoops in the backyard. Be active with your kids, and they will want to be active with you.

Starting kids on an active lifestyle at a young age will help promote lifelong healthy habits.

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